Vintage Edmonton: The Cromdale Hotel

Lawrence Herzog's history of The Cromdale Hotel

The opening of the Cromdale Hotel, October 26, 1954:

Bill Kay on the opening of the Cromdale Hotel, via

 “I recall the opening of the Cromdale when it was first built. They had a grand opening and they had some very important actors and and actresses and performers. And it seems to me that Bob Hope, and I don’t know if I am remembering right, but Bob Hope was flown in and he was one of the acts there. He was a stand-up comedian. He wasn’t considered one of the icons yet in the 1950′s but he was still a big time actor. Actually Lou Grant came, the fellow with an organ and he was a big headliner there too.”

October 10, 1958:

November 29, 1973:

November 13, 1976:

February 18, 1977:

July 24, 1979:


  1. Interesting page on the Cromdale Hotel. The Cromdale has been mentioned/sung about in a few songs over the years. Here is an excerpt from two posts on Mom's Magazine:

    "The Cromdale seems to be more infamous than just in Alberta as an American Country Band has done a song featuring the Cromdale Hotel called 118th Ave within the Indian Idol track. A cousin gave me the CD for Christmas and I was suprised as anyone that an American Native music group would have heard of the Cromdale. How odd.

    Lyric exerpt=
    ...Elvis Manywounds is here
    with some top loading vcr
    We're going to the Cromdale
    in his old blue car

    118th Ave is the place to be
    118th ave is the place for me... "

    "Hey Tamara,

    Here I am at the library and I came across your blog. The Cromdale is even sung about by the famous Lenny Red-Nuts and he's from Brocket!

    "I got a case of whisky,
    got it from a friend.
    Went to a funeral in Brocket,
    that was the end.
    Went to the Cromdale in Edmonton
    Got into a knife fight
    and stabbed him in the gut"

    Wierd how infamous the Cromdale Hotel really is."

    Tamara of Mom's Magazine also got her article published in the Edmonton Journal, so I think her article should be uploaded on your site as well.

    So as you seem to be an historian of places in Edmonton and the Cromdale Hotel, hopefully this interests you.



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