A Word About Vintage Edmonton

I've gotten a number of emails from readers in the past few days asking me about the article in the Edmonton Examiner about the Vintage Edmonton Facebook page, and whether I'm doing that page as well as Vintage Edmonton and I just wanted to clear the air.

The Vintage Edmonton page on Facebook featured in the article has nothing to do with and is not affiliated in any way w/ vintageedmonton.com, and was created a number of months after my website was created.

I started Vintage Edmonton in January of 2012 to explore (and celebrate) Edmonton history and I'm having a blast doing so, and will continue to do so in the future. I'm of the belief that the celebration of Edmonton's history is what's important, so I welcome and will continue to promote any page or website that does just that; in my opinion, there can never be enough passionate people to spread the word about what an amazing city Edmonton is and what an amazing, varied past it's had. As they say, the more, the merrier.

Thanks for the emails and the praise, and keep on the lookout for more cool Edmonton history and ephemera in the future!

Vintage Edmonton


  1. Hi rev,

    I'm the admin of the Vintage Edmonton Facebook page.

    I created a couple of other pages for places that I lived or grew up using the "Vintage" (E.g. VintageMonton).

    I didn't realize until after I created the page that there was a website of the same name! Had I known I probably would have named it "Historic Edmonton" to reduce the confusion.

    I love your website as well, and that you share the same passion for history that I do.

    I was born in Edmonton but spent most of my life in the Maritimes. I remember my parents telling me all about the stories of Edmonton(where they lived in their teens and 20's) and the page has allowed me to connect with that history.

    Thank you for your professionalism and the way you wrote this post. I hope that the article brought a new audience to your page and I look forward to your future content posts.


    Ryan Gagné


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