Vintage Edmonton Music: Willie And The Walkers- "My Friend" (1967)

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  1. In 1965-66 I worked in Jasper on a survey crew for the Yellowhead Hwy & Maligne Lake road. On the weekend we went to the only dance hall there at the time: Zorba's. The most popular group was Willie & the Walkers. I recall a story that they were asked to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, but lost the chance because they loved to get into scraps. They had one last chance and apparently the talent scout was there that night at Zorba's when a fight broke out. I remember the band looking at each other, then saying "What the hell." and joined in the fight, & fights were far different then than now. I saw the guy we took to be the talent scout get up and walk out. I never saw the band on Ed Sullivan. Signed: Dave from 50 years ago


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