Vintage Edmonton: Abbie Hoffman Comes to Edmonton (September 10, 1970)

Yippie Leader and Chicago 7 Defendent Abbie Hoffman came to Edmonton and Calgary to appear on September 10 and 11, 1970 at the University Of Alberta and University Of Calgary. Because of both bad weather and a missed flight by Hoffman, the Edmonton appearance was eventually moved to the Kinsman Fieldhouse. and based on reports from The Journal, Herald, and Canadian Press, the reaction was mixed:

September 9, 1970:

September 10, 1970:

September 11, 1970:

September 12, 1970:

September 15, 1970: 


  1. Fantastic, thanks for posting. I remember the night well as the highlight of 4 great days of music and mayhem that started out with 2 days up on the campus and then continued for 2 days down at the Kinsmen Fieldhouse. "Festival of Life" I believe it was called. Some of the hecklers making a fuss during Abbie's talk were just drunken high school boho's making fools of themselves, but overall the event certainly was an interesting moment in Edmonton's counter-culture history


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