Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast #2: Randy And Sue (1978)

The Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast #2 features the Late 70's duo Randy And Sue and their album "Just For You", including their astounding cover of Neil Young's "Down By The River":

                                               You can listen and download this episode HERE

July 13: I got an email from Susan (Whalen) Janzen a couple of days ago and she graciously filled me in on the history of Randy & Sue, the making of the LP, and what's she been up to recently:

"Randy and I were married in 1972 and worked as a duo touring western Canada for 10 years.   After five years on the road we started playing mostly in Edmonton and really wanted to record something.  Jack Hennig was a friend and we liked his tune Maybe Tonight - so we decided to record it as the single and go all in and record the album.

For a little personal history Randy and I met right out of high school -  I wanted to be in a group and he was doing a single at the time.  So we joined up - and called ourselves " Just Friends"

My mom was a professional singer - June Whalen - and she sang with Tommy Banks on his TV show - Somewhere There's Music in 1963 and also sang in clubs around town  from 1963-1971 - The Embers - Shasta - etc.    She was one of the first "chic" singers in the city.

I loved singing and after Randy and I were divorced in 1982 I did a lot of Klondike shows around town during Klondike Days - and when I was approached to audition for Klondike Kate I was chosen as the first "local"  Klondike Kate and then won it again and so was the first  local Kate to do two years - 1986 and 1987.  I sang at the Grey Cups, Stanley Cups and numerous telethons and TV appearances..and travelled representing the city - it was a great two years.

I had great musicians work on this album.    I was fortunate enough to have Charlie Austin on keyboard who worked and travelled with me the  two weeks of K Days and we still work together occasionally.  Tom Doran is still around town and we ran into each other when we were out to hear Malory Chipman  - Tommy Bank's granddaughter sing just last week!

I remarried in 1988  to Dr. Henry Janzen, Psychologist and co host of the CJCA  talk radio show "That's Living" which ran for 9 years.

I don't sing professionally anymore, but did do a Christmas album and worked with Marc Atkinson on Honrby Island three years back to do another album.   Just because.   I miss singing so sing at seniors homes and hospitals when I can."


  1. Nice to, after many years, hear My Good Friend "Suzie" sing. She is still a wonderful Gal - follows her Mom's June's Qualities so nicely

  2. What a great little snippet of Edmonton music history. So interesting to see what "Sue" from the duo has to say looking back.

    Keep it coming!


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