Vintage Edmonton: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Comes To Edmonton (June 18, 1923)

The creator of the iconic Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his family traveled to Western Canada in the summer 1923 to speak of his experience with Spiritualism, stopping at both Calgary and Edmonton and to visit Jasper and the surrounding country, which he first visited in 1914.

Sir Arthur arrived in Edmonton Sunday, June 17 and talked to reporters from The Journal and Bulletin in advance of the engagement:

His engagement at The Allen Theatre Monday, June 18 by all accounts was a success: 

The next day he traveled to Calgary  for his engagement at The Al Azhar Temple on June 20th:

Sir Arthur himself wrote about his 1923 trip to Western Canada  in his 1924 book "Our Second American Adventure" in which he writes of his his visit to Edmonton and Calgary

Though filmed in 1927, this clip of Sir Arthur speaking of Spiritualism is a fascinating artifact: