Vintage Edmonton Vinyl: Charlie Farquarson And Nestor Pistor- The Riled, Riled West (1981)

During one of my vinyl crate digging outings some time ago at Ponoka rummage sale I found this LP by the longtime Canadian Humorist (and Hee Haw co-star) Don Harron and equally longtime  Ukrainian-themed comedian/singer Don Ast, performing as their signature characters, Charlie Farquarson and Nestor Pistor.

Recorded in April 1981 at Zone 5 here in Edmonton and produced by Tommy Banks (and backed musically by his band), it has the feel of a nightclub act recorded and put out to sell as a companion souvenir LP for live shows; the packaging and vinyl not on the greatest material.

The LP itself is geared to Alberta and Western Canada circa the 1980's Oil Boom, and contains  pop culture nods to Fred Allen's old Radio show as well as  Orson's Welles' War Of The Worlds broadcast, not exactly hip even for 1981. But there are more than a few chuckles inside, especially if you pick up on some of the more dated/obscure references.

I've never found another copy of this LP anywhere in my travels or online, so I'm pleased as punch to rip a copy and let you all have at it; as always, it's a great artifact of Edmonton History: