Vintage Edmonton Ephemera: "Naughty Marietta" Empire Theatre Program (January 29, 1945)

I acquired this piece of Vintage Edmonton Ephemera for the stage production of the-then venerable "Naughty Marietta" that was presented at The Empire Theatre on January 29, 1945 last weekend, and the more I searched in research of the production and producer/director/star Reed Lawton, the more interesting his story (and the murder scandal that surrounded him four months after this performance) became. Also in the cast were two legendary Broadway and Film character actors in early work, Vincent Gardenia and Vito Scotti. You can read about the murder and it's aftermath below:

Roughly 4 months after this performance,  Reed Lawton was implicated in the sensational murder of Albert E. Langford on June 4, 1945 at The Hotel Marguery on Park Avenue in New York City. I heartily recommend that you read about the murder (and the media circus that happened in it's wake) HERE and HERE.