Vintage Edmonton: The Hotel Macdonald In The 1970s: Part 1

At the dawn of the 1970s the Hotel Macdonald was still very much Edmonton's  preferred hotel for local gatherings, dinners, and out of town guests. In comparison to the nightclubs and dining spots that were catered to the swinging 60s generation,  the Hotel Macdonald's traditional look and perceived "stodginess" to the younger set caused the higher-ups at Canadian National to bring a manager to decide shake up things, W. Keith Murray

March 7, 1970:

During this time the hotel's dining and live attractions were anchored by the venerable Hearth & Hound and Wedgewood dining room, serving many events:

Movers and shakers in Edmonton and out of town gathered at the hotel regularly:

Businesses were on both the main and mezzanine floors:

And even "'Dining and Boxing" on occasion.

March 21, 1970:

Murray wasted no time with appointments:

The hotel announced additions in November 1970:

In the April 23, 1971 Journal, Murray announced that the hotel (in a shocking turn of events) was going "topless":

The hotel's new look was hit and miss; although business held steady, it was at odds with it's own nightlife elegance, and was quickly discarded within a few months: 

The Hotel Macdonald's continued success earned Murray an award in October of 1971:

In December of 1971, Keith Murray announced he was leaving his post to take a job up north in Slave Lake:

After a few years in Slave Lake, Murray returned to Edmonton in July 1974:

In a surprising development, Murray decided the job wasn't right: 

January 1975:

W. Keith Murray passed away April 5, 1977:

Part 2: The renovation of The Hotel Macdonald Cafeteria into The Jolly Polly in 1970: