Vintage Edmonton: Trooper At Northlands Coliseum (November 9, 1979)

The venerable Western Canadian band Trooper were full-fledged superstars and owners of a string of top-selling LPs and singles in November 1979; the band had just finished recording it's latest LP Flying Colors at Edmonton's own Sundown Sundown Studios before touring Canada, including Edmonton. 

The concert at Northlands Coliseum on November 9, 1979 was heavily promoted by the local media including The Journal, which had it's own Teen Contest to meet Trooper backstage and attend the concert:

Almost 14,000 filled Northlands to see the concert and except for an uninspired opening act in Private Eye, Journal reviewer Graham Hicks seemed to like the headliners just fine:

The band's concert was recorded by Edmonton's ITV for posterity:

                          Shortly afterwards , The Journal announced the winners of their contest:

And in somewhat of twist, a letter to Graham Hicks from Paul Kotyk about his review of the show had venom for Hicks, but not in the usual direction:

The artist that Kotyk was referring to in his letter that was playing at Kinsman on November 17? Bob Marley: