Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast #40: Gord Steinke- Something Wrong (1997)

This episode features Gord Steinke's 1997 LP, Something Wrong:

Gord's band Slyder in Saskatoon, 1978

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Gord was gracious enough to talk about the LP, his influences, and what he's listening to these days:

Rev- How did the LP come about?

Gord- Something Wrong is my 3rd album (vinyl with Inner City Band 1982 recorded at Grant Avenue studios in Hamilton, Something Wrong 1997, Hidden Agenda 2000).

I had a bar band around Edmonton at the time and unfortunately my sister Jan was killed by a drunk driver in 1996 so I wrote Something Wrong in her memory and part of the proceeds went to drinking and driving programs in schools around Alberta. It won 3 ARIA awards.. for best album, best new group, and single of the year for City of Mayhem (which also won an international songwriting competition.)

The Edmonton Oilers used to play 3 cuts off the CD at hockey games as well which was a big thrill to hear at Rexall.

My band went on to play classic rock festivals around Alberta – sharing the stage with Rick Derringer, Steppenwolf, Jefferson Starship, The Tubes, April Wine, Pat Travers, Dr. Hook, Loverboy etc.

R- It's very straight-ahead rock; how did your musical influences guide the recording process, and did the LP turn out the way you hoped?

G- I was on the road in a number of Canadian rock bands as singer/bass player from mid 70’s until 1983.. my influences were bands like Deep Purple, Cream, Status Quo, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top and a lot of blues from Muddy Waters to Howling Wolf. I’ve played with some amazing drummers and guitar players so when I write and play I keep that “fat back in the pocket” style of blues based rock in mind that was drilled into my head from playing six nights a week for 7 years.

For Something Wrong I was fortunate enough to have producer/engineer Ron Chenier behind the controls.. he’s known in Canadian Classic Rock circles as front man guitar player for FIST.. (it’s his guitar solo on Something Wrong..)

My good friend guitar player Randy Rink who is in my band now and who I used to play with back in the 70’s plays lead and rhythm on all the other tracks.

R- Who are your influences as a bass player and singer?

G- Roger Glover, Jack Bruce – players who lock in with the drummer. I’d like to say Geddy Lee.. but I don’t hold a candle to that monster lol.. As a singer.. it would be Ian Gillan, Paul Rogers, Miles Goodwin.

R- What are you listening to on your virtual (or otherwise) record turntable these days?

G- I tend to listen to a lot of jazz and blues.. Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Django Reinhardt, James Cotton, Muddy Waters.