Vintage Edmonton: The 1967 Edmonton 'UFO' Wave

The 1967 UFO Wave  was an extensive series of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in North America starting in January, and by February, reached Alberta, and Edmonton 

On February 27, The Journal reported that residents in Fulton Place spotted an object in the sky stating at 6:30pm:

The next day, one sighting was explained, while another remained unidentified:

Then on April 7, a dramatic incident involving Edmonton International Airport and a pilot possibly tracking a UFO, backed by witnesses around the city:

On April 10, more reports of UFOs were reported by 3 youths:

In the coming days, The Journal's Editorial Desk took notice, and a few more reports came in:

All was quiet for a few weeks then on May 8th, the astounding story of 14 Rocky Banyard and his report of seeing a UFO over Mount Pleasant Cemetery became the talk of the city:

By May 12th residents around the city converged into Mount Pleasant Cemetery to see the UFO, and left destruction in their wake:  

On the 17th, there was another sighting at the cemetary:

At this same time, St. Paul, Alberta was finishing up their brand-new Flying Saucer Landing Pad to welcome visitors, here and "elsewhere":

By the 29th, there was another sighting, this time by the University Of Alberta Farm:

St.Paul also found out, much to their shock, that they were not the only town in Alberta with a UFO attraction:

The summer months included more reports around Alberta, and on August 10th one more dramatic report in Edmonton:

In Mid October a final cluster of sightings were centered in Central Alberta and Calgary:

On November 3, one of a group of 3 prospectors who reported seeing a UFO on July 3 was reported missing while searching for what he described as something that "fell" from the UFO:

By the 6th, he was found:

Then on December 4, The Journal posted this article, perhaps explaining some of the sightings: