Vintage Edmonton: William Wallace McKay Murder (June 29, 1949) Part 2


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The trial of Michael Joseph Hayes was to be scheduled with the arraignment on Monday, October 3:

October 1: 

 Hayes then was granted an adjournment until October 17:

October 3: 

A further adjournment on the 17th so that 4 defence witnesses from Winnipeg could arrive was granted until 2pm.

The trial of Michael Joseph Hayes of the murder of William Wallace McKay proceeded at The Court House on a cold Monday, October 17, with Chief Justice William R. Howson presiding, Crown Prosecutor W. J. Shortreed, and Defence Council M.D. Blackstock.

The Journal's coverage of the trial itself is fascinating, with no expense or time spared in getting the details each day. Reading each day's highlights, it puts me right there in the courtroom in the back gallery:

October 17:

October 18:

October 19:

October 20:

Annie Nelda Leechman, the owner of the boxcar house at 9930 157, testified about dealings with the former tenant, C. Bo(w)yer, the man who put the ads in the Journals from April-June1949 that I originally found:

October 21:

Yes, even in 1949 parking in Downtown Edmonton was a hot topic, even for jurors at the trial:

October 22:

The Defence pleaded for Hayes to be acquitted by reason on Insanity in the final arguments for the trial:

October 24:

The appeal failed. The Jury was out exactly 82 minutes, then delivered a verdict: Guilty.

October 25:

October 26:

February 21, 1950:

Kudos to the nameless Journal reporter to witnessed and reported on the last moments and execution of Michael Joseph Hayes and fellow condemned prisoner Wilfred Leslie Howell; it's no-frills, powerful writing:

February 22, 1950:

Once again, thank you to the Provincial Archives Of Alberta for posting the original photo of the boxcar house; who knows what you can find when you do a little digging in the archives...or a backyard garden: