Edmonton From The Newspaper Wires: 1913

On a a twitter thread recently a mention was made about an ad in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune from 1913. It described Edmonton as "the Minneapolis Of Canada" to persuade people from the US to settle in Edmonton. 

I was immediately intrigued and went to the archives of various newspapers in the US to see what other mentions of Edmonton there were in 1913, and there was more than you would expect. A few stories were known to me; most I've never run across. 

Edmonton in 1913 was the year the city was amalgamated with Strathcona across the North Saskatchewan river.  Though in a robust real estate/land boom at the time, it would crash a few years later in the run up to WWI:

January 1, 1913 (Fort Wayne Daily News, Indiana)

January 12, 1913 (Great Falls Tribune, Montana)

February 2, 1913 (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnestota)

February 16, 1913 (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnesota)

February 19, 1913 (Daily Deadwood, South Dakota)

March 2, 1913 (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnesota)

March 14, 1913 (La Crosse Tribune, Wisconsin)

March 22, 1913 (Tulsa Daily World, Oklahoma)

April 1, 1913 (Daily Lead, South Dakota)

April 20, 1913 (Butte Miner, Montana)

April 20, 1913 (Little Rock Gazette, Arkansas)

April 24, 1913 (Dayton Daily News, Ohio)

May 31, 1913 (Indianapolis Star, Indiana)

June 3, 1913 (Grand Island Daily Independent, Nebraska) 

May 29, 1913 (Argos Reflector, Indiana)

June 5, 1913 (The Morning Union, Grass Valley, NC)

June 6, 1913 (Weekly Mining Review, Deadwood, SD)

June 12, 1913 (Leavenworth Times, Kansas)

June 13, 1913 (Petaluma Daily Morning Courier, California)

June 17, 1913 (Sioux Fall Argus Leader, South Dakota)

June 23, 1913 (Des Moines Tribune, Iowa)

July 17, 1913 (Alma Daily Record, Michigan)

July 25, 1913 (Des Moines Register, Iowa)

August 30, 1913 (Tulsa Morning World, Oklahoma)

September 24, 1913 (Boston Evening Transcript, Massachusetts) 

September 27, 1913 (Oakland Tribune, California)

October 6, 1913 (Rapid City Journal, South Dakota)

October 9, 1913 (Idaho Statesman, Idaho)

October 9, 1913 (Independence Daily Reporter, Kansas)

October 10, 1913 (Idaho Statesman, Idaho)

April 15, 1913 (Deadwood Pioneer Times, South Dakota)

October 14, 1913 (Lead Daily Call, South Dakota)

November 4, 1913

November 9, 1913 (Oregon Daily Journal, Oregon)

November 18, 1913 (New York Daily News, New York)