Vintage Edmonton: Hotel Macdonald Renovations/Grand Opening Of The Hearth and Hound (November 17, 1966)

Comedian/Impressionist Dick Kerr entertaining in The Hearth And Hound, December 14, 1966
Photo from Ingenuim Digital Archives

In 1966 The Macdonald went extensive renovations in both The venerable Wedgewood Room as well as the main dining ballroom, opening as The Hearth And Hound in November 1966. 

A fully modern (for it's time) experience in fine dining, with local, regional, national, and "Direct From Las Vegas" entertainers, The Hearth And Hound was a spectacular experience:

Comedian/Singer/Dancer Charlie Aaron was the opening night entertainment:

A few weeks later in December, The Journal gave it's take on The Hearth And Hound, praising the hotel's legendary Maitre 'd Robert Kennedy, who arrived the previous November:

Robert Kennedy tableside cooking at The Hearth And Hound
Photo from Ingenuim Digital Archives

Comedian/Impressionist Dick Kerr was a regular entertainer at The Hearth And Hound through the rest of the decade, and a reliable draw:

Dick Kerr in 1954:

Timmie Rogers was the entertainment for The Hearth And Hound's first New Year's Eve Celebration:

Timmie Rodgers in 1961: