Vintage Edmonton Audio: CFRN-TV Teen Bandstand With Guests Johnny Cash and The Collins Kids (March 12, 1960)

My friend Mike Brazeau II uploaded this fantastic audio-only clip yesterday on his YouTube channel (which you can go to HERE) of CFRN-TV's Teen Bandstand show (with commercials), which aired Saturdays at 4pm from 1959-1961.

This episode of March 12, 1960 guest stars Johnny Cash and The Collins Kids in taped interviews while in town appearing at the Johnny Cash show at the Gardens  on March 9th:

Sounds like a grand time was had by all but misnaming Bill Monroe (the Father of Bluegrass and legit legend) as "Bill Munroe" and Bill Munro"? Yikes.

Johnny Cash in 1960:


The Collins Kids in 1958:


Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys in 1955:


The house band for the show was the Barry Boyd Quintet with "Mac and Sharon" as featured vocalists; Barry was a longtime musician/promoter as well as legendary DJ for CJCA-AM and FM105:


 The show was sponsored by Hannigan's Drive-In Restaurants, owned by Edmonton hockey legend Ray Hannigan:

The show is filled with recorded and live music, interviews, a run-down of dances going on that weekend, "teen talk" that echoed the "American Bandstand" show on ABC. Totally fascinating: