Vintage Edmonton: Tina Turner Live At Devil's Lake Corral (August 14, 1982)

As the shocking news of Tina Turner's death on May 24, 2023 came over the wires, I remembered video of a concert of Tina and her band recorded at Devil's Lake Corral (now a Jehovah's Witnesses Assembly Hall) nearby Edmonton in Onoway, AB on August 14, 1982.  

Devil's Lake Corral was an interesting footnote itself in Edmonton music history, hosting national/international acts in a beautiful building in a picturesque setting. Unfortunately for the owners and bookers, it's long drive from Edmonton proper was too much to keep it afloat for long, and it closed quietly, shortly afterwards.

The Journal had multiple stories and reviews of the Tina Turner show while she was in town, and reporters caught some very interesting/fascinating responses from Tina in the midst of reinventing herself as a performer after the very public and ugly divorce of her marriage to Ike Turner:  

The concert itself was typically full of energy and Tina and her band were a well-oiled machine. A year before recording her comeback LP "Private Dancer", her set here was mostly covers with her Ike/Tina classic, "River Deep/Mountain High" as a standout. 

A truly fascinating/important Tina Turner/Edmonton artifact: